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Kent Portrait Photographer

We provide nursery photography across Kent and the South East. Our professional photographer will attend your nursery and bring an entire portable photography studio. We do require a reasonably sized space in the nursery to set up, but we minimise the disruption as much as possible. We find the experience that children get from being involved in nursery photography an advantage to them; physically, socially and emotionally

The photographers are excellent at working with babies, young children, toddlers and pre-schoolers. They engage with all children making it enjoyable and entertaining for all. We find that even children that are shy can overcome and will get involved, certainly if they see their friends taking part they are more inclined to join in the fun

We have many nurseries we work with regularly that are willing to give a verbal reference if you wish to have a chat with them. Or, please get in touch with any questions at all and we will be happy to help



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